High on Weed left for Alibag or Alibaug

It was 30 mins pre mid night. I was on my terrace smoking the last blunt of the day.

As i blew out the smoke i saw Rohan’s name blinking on my cell phone. I expected that call to be a yet another invitation for post exams booze but it turned to be one for a road a trip. He asked me to join his group for a trip to Alibag. And as i had no other plans at that time so i replayed with a Yes. He ask me to come to his place in 30 mins. As they were planning to leave for Alibag at 4 in the morning. I took a quick shower and left for Rohan’s place.

I knocked at Rohan’s door.

Who’s it? Rohan asked from inside.

Its me Vaibhav. I replied.

Then Shiva opened the door for me. He welcomed me and then we both went to the drawing room where everyone else was sitting planning for the trip. As i entered the room. I saw my whole group was sitting their. Which include Rohan, Shiva, Yash, Saurabh, Monu, Akash, and Shaurya. As i sat on the sofa. Ro shouted with excitement.

Oh!! so finally everyone is ready for the trip to Alibag.

Everyone replyed YES!!

So let’s now start planning for the trip said Saurabh.

Are we going to carry weed with us? asked Siva.

Yeah for sure. No trip without tripping. Yash said with a smile on his face.

I asked Shaurya and Monu to go and score some weed for the trip.

How much?? Monu asked .

50 gm will be enough replied Rohan.

So Monu and Shaurya left for scoring.

Then i asked Rohan did he have some weed to smoke now. Rohan replied with a smile on his face. He stood up and brought a bong and some weed from his room.

Weed was pass to Shiva for crushing.

It took 10min for Shiva to crush. And then mixing was added to the weed after that it become ready to smoke. Mean while I cleaned the shooter and chaged the water of the bong.

Can you please pass me the bong said Rohan.

I pass him the bong. He smoked the first hit from the bong and smoked out a large cloud of smoke from his mouth.

Then the bong filed with weed was passed one by one to each member of the group.

Once every became high Akash stood up and said

Are we still leaving for Alibag??

Yeah men. Yash repyed in a dizzy sound.

So let now dicide the things which we need on our trip other then weed. Said Shiva. See we are having 4bikes and 1scooty in our group. We are in total 8 people so we should take 4bikes on the road trip to Alibag. Whats your opinion on that guys.

I am cool with it replyed Akash. Is everyone carrying ther id and driving licence.

You should have asked is if we are carrying our wallets? the answer is yes we are said Yash.

Ok so guys everone is atleast carrying water bottle, towel, 3set of causal cloths, 2shorts and 4set of undergarments?? Asked Akash.

Yup!! Replyed everyone.

Akash are u carring your potable speakers. I asked

Yeah i have already kept it replayed Akash.

So we are all ready for the trip Yash said.

Yess!! everyone shouted..

Knock! Knock!

Someone is on the door. said Akash.

Its must be ebby and Shaurya i replied.

Yash went to open the door. Monu and Shaurya came in the drawing room and kept the package of weed on the table.

How much is it? Rohan asked

50g said Shaurya

So now we are all set to leave.so at what time you guys are planning to leave? Asked Monu

Let crush some more weed, take some bong hit, do 4:20 (its is known as weed smokers time) then drive for alibag. Saurabh said.

I totally agree with you said Shaurya. Do anyone has any problem with this plan.

No problem I replied.

Then the new package of weed was opened and 3-4buds were taken out and pass to Monu for crushing.it took Monu aprox 15mins to crush and then again the bong hit started. This time it was Shaurya how took the first hit then it was passed to rest of us.

We started taking hit at 2:30 am and now it was 3:30am most of us were High till now. And then the really fun start as we were tripping before the trip.

Everyone listen to me Rohan said.

Everyone turned towards Rohan to listen.

Oh i forgot what to say??i am quite high na And started laughing

Now Saurabh stood up and went to fatch some water. As it was quite dark he hit himself against a table fall.we all started laughing on him and he himself was laughing on this stupidity.

You wait here I will go and fatch water. Said Shiva. He want and brought a bottle.

Can u pass me a bottle asked Monu.

Shiva passed the bottle to Monu. As Monu took first sip. Monu said its not water its lichi juice. You went to bring water.

Yes but i thought it will be better then water. It tast better. Replyed Shiva

These are after effects of weed Yash said.

Thing went on like this for 45 min we guys keep on laughing and enjoying our weed trip.

Now it was 4:10 Shaurya pointed towards the wach. Its time to smoke weed and leave for alibag as 4:20am was near.

We started taking bong hits and made some blunts for the way. It was 4:30am by now we all went down from Rohan’s place get on over bickes and left for alibag.

As we were two people sitting on one I and Monu were on one bike Shaurya and Saurabh on other Yash and Rohan on one and Akash and Shiva were on one bike.

As it was the time of morning there was no traffic on the road. We were ruling the road with our bikes.

At 5:30 we reached reaced Lonavala. And now it was time to smoke some blunts watching the sunrise.

So now we parked our bikes on the side of the road and lighted the blunt.after 5to10 mins we were seeing the sun rises it was a feeling like i can watch it till eternity.

After seen the sun rise we all started driving together as we were carring only one speaker so now the bike with the speaker was in the middle surrounded by others bikes. We were dancing on songs, singing the song out loud and enjoying our trip heading towards our destination.

At 7:30 am we stop at a dhaba to have some breakfast as everyone was hungry till now so we had some poha, iddli sambar and some sambar bada.

And then headed straight to alibag.

We reached alibag at 9:00 am in the morning.


Demonetization not a Success but a Failure

Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. It occurs whenever there is a change of national currency: The current form or forms of money is pulled from circulation and retired, often to be replaced with new notes or coins. Sometimes, a country completely replaces the old currency with new currency.
On 8 November 2016, the Government of India announced the demonetisation of all ₹500 and ₹1,000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series. In order to pull down the fake currency running in India and to catch the black money money in india. But it did’t prove to be much successful in taking down the Blackmoney or the fack currency in India. As only one percent of the indias black money is stored in form of cash. Rest is stored in form of movable and immovable property. As the reports suggest 100s of people died in the process of demonetization. Value of who’s life was price less. Killing 100s of people in catching just one percent of the black money can’t be termed as a sane man step. Which shows the non – preparation of the india government. 21 crore of the tax paid by the tax payee population of the india was wasted in printing new notes. Which was a non profit step. Before the step of demonetization the government also took step to prevent it official from the effect of demonetization. Their was a an amendment in the Anti Corruption Bill which suggests that that the CBI or any other investigating authority will not be able to investigate any Central Government official without the permission of the authority. And let me make it clear here that the authority in this amendment neans the government itself. Our former Prime Minister Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh who is the great economics economics suggested that the demonetization will cause the India’s GDP to fall by 2% but was made fun by by our Prime Ministe Mr. Narendra Modi. But just after one month of the demonetisation the India GDP for by falls down by 2 %. Which is irreplaceable Loss for a developing economy like India. Most of the businesses suffered a huge loss because of the process of demonetization. More over the government cannot keep it a secret step. Report of times of India on 8th April read out that people were trying to withdrawal money from the bank in order order to invest it in somewhere else as there are rumours around the market that the government is going to ban 1000 and 500 rupees rupees notes. Even the black money collected by the government in the process of demonetization of was less than the amount of money spent by the government in the process of demonetisation. The point mentioned above really suggest that demonetization was failure not success.

Marital Rape Already Criminalize in India.

The act of marital rape has already been criminalized as cruelty under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Section 498A criminalizes a situation where a married woman is subjected to cruelty by her husband or his relatives. Cruelty has been defined as any willful conduct which is of such a nature which is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health.

The submissions were made before a Bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar by Additional Standing Counsel Nandita Rao,
on a bunch of petitions demanding that marital rape be declared as a criminal offence. The Petitions challenge Exception 2 to Section 375 which says that sexual intercourse or sexual acts by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under 15 years, is not rap.

The Petitions also challenge Section 376B of the IPC, which says that whoever has sexual intercourse with his own wife, who is living separately, whether under a decree of separation or otherwise, without her consent, shall be punished with imprisonment of a term which shall not be less than two years but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. This differential punishment has been challenged as being arbitrary and unconstitutional.
Contesting these assertions, Ms. Rao contended that non-criminalization of marital rape under Section 375 of IPC does not violate Article 21 of the Constitution of India as the wife is not compelled to live with a sexually abusive husband under personal laws, which make it a ground for divorce. She further asserted that if the Court finds exception 2 of Section 375 violative of Articles 21 and 14 of the Constitution of India, the Court will have to strike down the entire section as Courts cannot create new offence.Such creation of a new offence, she said, would be violative of Article 20 of the Constitution of India.

Ms. Rao contended that the definition of marital rape under the Domestic Violence Act as sexual abuse is akin to the definition of cruelty under Section 498A. The focus, she said, is not on penetration but on the impact on the dignity and mental and and physical health of the wife due to the act of sexual abuse, which may or may not be penetrative. She, hence, asserted that there needs to be a shift from a culture of viewing rape as an act of sexual penetration to one of sexual violation.